Jupiter's Fortune
*Jupiter's Fortune

*JUPITER’S FORTUNE  (Stamile, P. – Pierce, G.)  TET 833  (Xylophone Jazz x Tet. Circle Upon Circle)  36” EV EM re  5.75” flower 6-way branching 40 buds. The first word that comes to mind is dramatic.  The blooms have a bold eye, yet there is a pattern as well.  JUPITER’S FORTUNE’ has a triple edge of bluish plum purple, raspberry, and silver.  The eye of ‘JUPITER”S FORTUNE’ covers so much of the flower face that from a distance you see a large plum circle with white on the ends.  But the best attribute has to be the scape, MASSIVE – With horizontal branches going every which way!  This is the first and only introduction from ‘TET. CIRCLE UPON CIRCLE’ that I am aware of.  Clear clean coloration, lovely green throat.  Fertile both ways.