Jurassic Fiesta
*Jurassic Fiesta

*JURASSIC FIESTA (Stamile, P., - Pierce, G.)  TET  844-A  (Orange Cherry Jubilee x To God Be The Glory) 40” E Re Fr emo Ev 7 ½” 4 way branching, 30 buds    If you love big showy orange flowers as I do, you will love 'JURASSIC FIESTA'.  HUGE, flat, and colorful.  The base color is a light pumpkin orange, with an intense eye of bright orange red.  There is a red picotee all the way around the over 4” + wide petals.  Nothing quite like it.  A true stand out in the modern Tetraploid garden.  I don’t think there was one visitor who didn’t ask about this daylily.  Giant!  Fertile both ways.