Jurassic Pink, Daylily
*Jurassic Pink

*Jurassic Pink  (Stamile-Pierce) TET 7140  (Lonesome Heart x White Base)  45” 7.5” flower, EV emo EMre,  10-way branching with 50+ buds  Arching Foliage

Honestly I would prefer not releasing this yet as Jurassic Pink continues to make such wonderful and HUGE prodigy!  Looking twice the size as her pollen parent with first blooms measuring 8 ¼” Jurassic pink is nothing short of modern perfection.  At 45” the giant blooms are held high on a Jurassic scape almost 2” across at the base with lateral branches perfectly placed from side to side.  Jurassic Pink has a pleasing color of true light pink completely covered in diamond dusting.  The flower shown is a last bloom and is 7 ½”.  The picture does not do the flower justice, it was difficult to capture all the ruffling as the flowers are so large and role back by early am.  Fertile both ways, and sets pods even though White Base is very difficult.  This is the only/best pink selection from hundreds of Floyd Cove pink crosses, and sets a new standard even for us.  Extremely pleasing.   Limited due to a long waiting list.