Licia Babb, Daylily

*Licia Babb

*LICIA BABB (Pierce G.)  1388 (Romeo Prince x Mayans’ Dawn) TET EV EMRE  38” 6.5” flower, 5 way branching, 35 Buds.

This lovely dark black purple was chosen to be her namesake by the lovely Licia Babb.  Licia said it was her favorite flower and I agree.  With big thick scapes LICIA BABB shows of her blooms to perfection.  Wide petals just slightly rolled back at the ends to show off the entire flower face.  With thick heavy substance, LICIA BABB easily holds up past 12:00 noon.  The edging is white to yellow gold and has projections of gold that sparkle in the sun.  As you guessed LICIA BABB is a Pod Stud making big, big seed pods.  Easily fertile both ways.  Limited.