Lightning Red Ruffles
*Lightning Red Ruffles

*LIGHTNING RED RUFFLES (Stamile, P.) TET 783 – C  [(Leslie Renee x Alexa Katherine) x Big Red Wagon] 34”  EMre. EV. Fr. 6” 7 way branching, 35 buds.

    This is one beautiful daylily, with wide overlapping red petals and rimmed all the way around in silver/white.  The white continues on the wide sepals as well.  Dashes of gold flakes are embedded in the white edging, giving more color.  Lightning Red Ruffles shows off a silver/white watermark which also lies inside the white edging.  A deep green throat kicks off this flower and as she is easily pod fertile, you will enjoy taking her to all your best reds.  Lovely!  Easily fertile both ways.