Luminous Intentions, Daylily

*Luminous Intentions

*LUMINOUS INTENTIONS (Pierce G.) 1134-B ((Xylophone Jazz x Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) x Sdlg Dor. Sib to Born To Be Wild) TET EV EMRE 34” 6.25” flower, 6 way branching, 40 buds.

Generally I prefer darker shades of colors especially in eyes and edges, but when 1134-B bloomed I was taken by her clean soft tones.  LUMINOUS INTENTIONS is super round with extra wide petals, and the heavy, heavy ruffles are thick when you squeeze them.  The entire flower face is covered in Diamond Dusting, and you’ll see in the photo they really pop in the yellow gold edging.  LUMINOUS INTENTIONS has been taken with success to Patterns, and Double Edges.  This year I took a green Applique to her.  I can’t wait.  Easily fertile both ways.  Limited.