Mandiba Magic

*MADIBA MAGIC (Stamile,P.) TET 2178-F (Ribbons And Things X Walking In Beauty) 28” EMRe. SEv. emo. 5½” x 3½” x 2”. 5-way branching. (3 laterals + terminal “Y”) 25-30 buds.

    At the request of a South African friend, MADIBA MAGIC honors Nelson Mandela. Affectionately called “Madiba” by the people of South Africa and believed to be endowed with the magic to make things happen, Nelson Mandela is the embodiment of courage, determination, grace and dignity. It is hoped that the last two qualities are captured by the daylily MADIBA MAGIC. I selected this daylily in particular because of its elegance and color. South Africa is known for its gold and platinum and what better daylily to select than a clear lavender pink with a platinum white base and edge and an outer edge of pure gold.

    MADIBA MAGIC is special because the flowers are beautifully formed, never hang despite “angel wings” and elaborate ruffling. MADIBA MAGIC has “Madiba’s” magic in that in each fan double scapes, i.e. soon after the first scape appears in the fan a second scape appears.  This gives the plant incredible bloom density.

    The color for those who remember it is close to Frosted Pink Ice, a clear ribbon pink with hints of blue rather than yellow.
    Outstanding plant habits, plant balance and foliage. A great parent for gold edges and easily fertile both ways. If the temperatures are not too hot MADIBA MAGIC will set a pod on every flower.