Majestic Prime, Daylily

*Majestic Prime

*MAJESTIC PRIME (Pierce G.)  281-Y (Mazatlan x Buffalo Thunder) TET EV EMRE 42” 6.75” flower, 6 way branching, 40 Buds.

I know – another purple, but you know what?  She’s a “goodie”!  MAJESTIC PRIME has it ALL going for her.  My biggest obstacle these last 7 years has been to bloom big flower faces, incorporate thick ruffled edges with angel wings etc. then to have them open properly every bloom.  Luckily you have this and more in MAJESTIC PRIME.  Nicer in person than the photos as these were older 30-40 fan clumps that went without water for most of the season due to an irrigation problem.   Last year she was phenomenal but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.   MAJESTIC PRIME is the perfect melding of both parents and in a very long cross she is the 25th blue flag, and very best of them all!  The only dark flower that I know of with deep sculpting.  Fertile both ways.  Amazing Scape too.