Marina del Ray, Daylily
*Marina del Ray

*Marina del Ray  (Pierce G.) TET 8341 (Xylophone Jazz x Fancy Lace)  36” 5.75” flower, EV emo Ere,  4-way branching with 25 buds.  Fragrant.  Arching Foliage.

Everyone seems drawn to Marina del Rey, and I suppose it’s the color.  Not a true Blue but as close to sky lilac blue as you can get.  Every bloom is a great one, and you get several features in one neat flower.  The pattern of Xylophone Jazz on a tall scape with cool blue tones.  Both the triple edge and the pattern are easily passed on to its kids.  The whole flower face is flat and covered in diamond dusting.  In the clumps seeing all those cool green throats is a very pleasing sight.  There are no tan tones in Marina del Rey, and the color looks exactly like the photo every bloom.  Easily fertile both ways, and a great parent for blues, triple edges, and patterned eyes.  Limited.