Max Factor, Daylily

*Max Factor

*MAX FACTOR (Pierce G.) 1406-DD ((Buffalo Thunder x Colossus) x Mayans’ Dawn) TET EV EMRE 42” 8.25” flower, 6 way branching, 35-40 buds.

My largest introduction to date at 8 inches plus MAX FACTOR is exactly that Max Factor!      Yes I’ve been busy.  Now I just have to put a 1” white edge on her, easy right?  For now I’m grateful just to have this huge and lovely selection.  MAX FACTOR has a huge thick scape       (It would have too)! and long horizontal branches.  It has taken me a long time to get this kind of size and green the throats up.  You have no idea!  I love the cool green throat and the light bluish watermark.  The watermark continues around each petal and the pure white edging pops on these enormous blossoms.  An easy pod setter too, MAX FACTOR was the 30th blue flag in the cross as DD.  I hope you enjoy using this lovely flower as much as I have.  Just get it!