Moving Pictures, Daylily
*Moving Pictures

*Moving Pictures  (Pierce G.) TET 939-B (Vivid Butterfly x Fancy Lace)  36” 5.75” flower, EV emo EMre,  5-way branching with 30-35 buds.  Arching Foliage.

Similar to Marina del Rey in style, but quite different in colors and movement.  More of a Blue Jean blue the blooms of Moving Pictures are clean looking just like the photo.  This picture was taken in May when the nights are in the low 70’s and daytime is upper 80’s. Another unusual and very appealing blossom with a ruffled triple edge, and green throat.  The eye is light, and not what I would call a pattern, but it is because of this faded toned eye that allows patterns to pass through to its kids.  The blooms are round and full with lots of performance here, blooming early nonstop until September.  Very nice.  Fertile both ways, and has been a wonderful parent of so many future Patterned eyes with edges!