Mr Bojangles, Daylily

*Mr Bojangles

*MR BOJANGLES (Pierce G) 396 (Sweet Almond Mint x Mystic Image) x Tetra Waxen Splendor EMre SEV 37” 6.25” flower, 7 way branching, 45-50 buds.
What could be better that this photo – MR BOJANGLES!   As I went through my photos of #396 I realized how photogenic he is, which made it hard to choose. I hope everyone out there gets this flower and I have it priced just for that.  MR BOJANGLES is a huge breakthrough in color saturation and Green in Daylily flowers.  I hate to let this one go and absolutely loved using him to make seed as again he is VERY pod Fertile.  When he blooms for you, you will have essentially 3 colors, a cool orchid base, a green edge and eye, and a rich charcoal/purple eye on a fabulous scape!!!  You owe it to yourself to try him in your garden.  Easily fertile both ways.