Mythical Art, Daylily

*Mythical Art

*MYTHICAL ART (Pierce G) 1315-F (Seedling x Tetra Texas Kaleidoscope) x Tetra Colorful Etchings EMre EV emo 34” 6.75” flower, 5 way branching, 35-40 buds, fragrant.
Every year I say   “This is my favorite…” well, MYTHICAL ART is my favorite Tetra Colorful Etchings kid.  Large and so much more colorful than the dip.  MYTHICAL ART has a cream white base of heavy substance with a raspberry purple etching with a lavender purple center and a green throat.  The wide full form ruffled petals have a matching picottee with colors of both raspberry purple and dark purple all stitched together.  It’s not the patterns or the colors but how they are all arranged to present this eye catching beauty.  MYTHICAL ART is just that.  Easily Fertile both ways.