Nature Lover, Daylily

*Nature Lover

*NATURE LOVER (Pierce G.) 481-BN (Waves of Joy x Tet Cosmic Kaleidoscope) EV, EE, 38” high, 6.75 – 7” flower, 5 way branching, 35-40 buds.

This flower so desperately wants to be blue.  I mean it’s just…  There are bluey tones for sure, and with the LARGE green throat NATURE LOVER is a Cool Cat in bloom.  She reminds me of being up in the Colorado Mountains.  The scape is a mountain for sure.  Wide rolled back petals with Fat Sepals.  Every bloom is perfection.  NATURE LOVER taken back into my Strong Blue lines has proven very successful.  On a hot day take a look at NATURE LOVER, and tell me what you think.  EXTREMELY Limited.