Nile Princess, Daylily

*Nile Princess

*NILE PRINCESS  (Pierce, G.) 243-B (Blue Beat x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) EV EM  30” 5.5” flower 5 way branching, 30 buds. What a neat daylily.  NILE PRINCESS blooms on a large flat face with a rich almost velvet plum purple eye.  The eye color is deep and completely diamond dusted except for the pattern that is neatly etched in.  NILE PRINCESS is much nicer in person than the photo, and never has a bad day.  There is a lovely bluish watermark, the flower edges are picotteed in silver and plum, and this pattern continues out on the sepals.  Basically if you like patterned daylilies you will have to get NILE PRINCESS.  I have waited a long time to introduce her; and she is very limited and probably always will be.  You’ll know what I mean when you see this daylily in person.  Easily Fertile both ways and a great parent.  Very Limited