Ocean Lotus, Daylily

*Ocean Lotus

*OCEAN LOTUS (Pierce G) 2010-A (Blue Beat x Tetra Texas Kaleidoscope) EMre EV emo 42” 6.75” flower, 6 way branching, 40-45 buds.
This is a real beauty.  Much, much prettier in person OCEAN LOTUS offers multi shades of off blue tones with clarity and richness of color.  A large flower for this color class and branched like a tree, OCEAN LOTUS is sure to please.  Whether she is a pattern, a double edge, or a blue eye or all three, she really puts on a show and has been one of my favorite daylilies since she first bloomed!  Fertile both ways OCEAN LOTUS has been indispensable in our blue program.  Yes I think it will happen.  Enjoy.