Orchid Linen, Daylily

*Orchid Linen

*ORCHID LINEN  (Pierce, G.)  P811B (Mulberry Freeze x Fringy) DORMANT EM 29”  6” flower, 3 way branching, 15-20 buds. I have loved this flower since it first bloomed as one of my first keepers at Floyd Cove.  The BIG white watermark is like a white bulls-eye on the clear refreshing lavender purple petals, and the blossom is complete with the matching white ruffled edge.  The picture shows more yellow in the edges but in person the impression is that of a bold circular white eye.  ORCHID LINEN is a heavy flower, extremely thick like wax with heavy pleating through the watermark from the green throat.  Being DORMANT ORCHID LINEN should perform well all over the country and have a better scape with a real winter.  Again, being dormant it has taken me awhile to grow enough stock for introduction, so I see ORCHID LINEN selling out quickly.  Lovely!  Fertile both ways.