Painted Pinwheel
*Painted Pinwheel

*PAINTED PINWHEEL (Stamile,P.) TET 69-A {Wild and Wonderful X [(Aerial Display x Volusian Spider) x Tetra Marked By Lydia]} 49” EERe. emo. Ev. 9.75” x 1.875” x 1”. 7-way branching (4 laterals plus terminal “w”) 35+ buds. Unusual form. Crispate.

            What a wonderful plant Wild and Wonderful is. While its pollen is sterile it sets pods easily and rarely, if ever, passes on pollen sterility. PAINTED PINWHEEL is a great example of the fine quality you get from Wild and Wonderful. All twists and curls like its half sib TWIST and SPIN. PAINTED PINWHEEL is more an amaranth pink with a black red eye and deep citron green throat.

            An exciting daylily that jumps and dances throughout the entire season. Long blooming and a great new color combo! Fertile both ways.