Peak of Perfection, Daylily

*Peak of Perfection

*Peak of Perfection (Pierce G.)  229 (Peacock Candy X Rollercoaster Rush) X Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) TET EV EM 52” 6.75” Flower, 8 way branching, 65-70 buds.

I love breeding daylilies…  Peak of Perfection is another first timer for me.  A 52” tall daylily and a good one!  Where in the world did it come from?  I believe that when you continually focus on scape height as I have done it becomes well -evolution, and Peak of Perfection certainly did this.  The coloration is hard to describe but she is almost 100% Diamond dusted in light cool colors of lilac and orchid with a quite large green throat that spills out into the faint eye.  The green watermark is heavily ribbed and this trait is passed on to her kids.  I did not get the pattern I was looking for from Tet TK but it did work for me into the second generation.  I have taken Peak of Perfection successfully to patterns, then double edges and will see what she does with our Applique lines this spring 2015.  I can’t wait to see them…  Extremely fertile both ways.