Picasso's Intrigue, Daylily

*Picasso's Intrigue

*PICASSO’S INTRIGUE (Pierce G)  P849  (Midnight Amulet x Born To Be Wild) EV E  34”  6.25” flower, 6 way branching, 40 buds

I have been waiting patiently to have enough stock to release PICASSO’S INTRIGUE, probably the most shocking purples & white daylily to come from Born To Be Wild.  Your eyes will thank you.  The depth and clarity of color is without peers sporting wonderful buds and branching.  I would be tooting my horn to say the farm/our new daylilies have come more than leaps and bounds in seven years.  This is probably my best introduction to date.  You'll LOVE PICASSO’S INTRIGUE. Fertile both ways