Picture In Picture
*Picture In Picture

*PICTURE IN PICTURE (Stamile, P.) TET 483 ((sdlg. x Magic Lake) X Cerise Masterpiece) 25” MRe. emo. no fr. Ev. 6 ½” x 3 ½” x 2 ½”. 4-way branching (2 laterals + terminal Y) 30-32 buds.  This lavender rose with a silver lavender watermark and double edges of silver lavender and gold creates the illusion of having a large flower edged in lavender and a smaller lavender flower within the larger flower. Hence the name PICTURE IN PICTURE. Great plant habits and plant proportions are characteristic of this cultivar.

    This is another flower I would recommend to the hybridizer as giving better flowers than itself. It tends to give lighter borders apart from the edge structure or color. For example, I have seen ½” flat peach borders surrounding a rose flower. Outside the peach border is the traditional white, gold or green edging. It has an effect totally unlike anything else in the garden. It is like the petals and sepals are outlined in lighter colors before they are edged – a wonderful effect. Fertile both ways.