Pink Cavalcade
*Pink Cavalcade

*PINK CAVALCADE  (Stamile, P.) TET 6195-A  (Sdlg. 0490 x Dream Runner ) x ( Inimitable x Zephyr’s Song) 36” EMre, Fr. Ev. 6 ½” 6 way branching, 34 buds.

    As many of you who have visited our garden know, Floyd Cove is filled with big beautiful gold edged pinks.  Pink Cavalcade is our best to date, with 4” plus over wide petals, and a 1” deep ruffled bubbly gold edge. The color is the clearest baby ribbon pink, completely saturated in diamond dusting. On re-bloom, the flowers become near white and the edge turns to Chartreuse. A full sib to last years green edged – Fringy.  Pink Cavalcade’s big flat flowers are displayed on show scapes, often having four perfectly spaced blooms.  Easily fertile both ways, and a parent to many of our future introductions.