Pink Extraordinaire, Daylily

*Pink Extraordinaire

*PINK EXTRAORDINAIRE (Pierce G.) 3034-A (Fancy Lace x Priscilla’s Smile) x (Chesapeake Bay x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) TET, EV, EMre, 42” high, 7.5-8” flower, 5 way branching, 30-35 buds.   An Absolute Work of Art.

What an amazing job Tetra Rose F. Kennedy did for my pinks.  I am a stickler for clear color and there are several ways to get from A-Z.  By inserting TRFK to the mix, the pinks and greens became electrified and enriched all the other colors.  In PINK EXTRAORDINAIRE the flower size increased and the green in the throat literally pops.   I love the cool icy watermark around the throat and around the petals.  The white look to the lighter bi-tone petals and the petal edging, makes the flower quite flashy; but it’s the GREEN that makes PINK EXTRAORDINAIRE sing.  This was my #1 pink pollen parent for 2014, so she must have something going on…  Glorious.  Fertile Both Ways.