Pirate's Prism
*Pirate's Prism

*PIRATE’S PRISM  (Stamile, P. – Pierce, G.)  TET 8457-C  (New Paradigm x Awesome Prism) 37” EV Ere 7” flower 5-way branching 40 buds.  Striking and unique best describes our latest prism with her deep velvety black purple eye, stretched out to nearly the end of the petals.  I am not normally a fan of mid rib stripes but these long white strips on both the petals and sepals add a jazzy contrast.  The green throat really makes the flower work, and ‘PIRATES PRISM’ is the most pod fertile of all the prisms next to ‘EMERALD PRISM’, ‘RASPBERRY PRISM’ and ‘PIKES PRISM’.  Very Limited and our last prism until the ‘TET TIME STOPPER’ kids become available.  Fertile both ways.