Pistachio Moon, Daylily

*Pistachio Moon

*PISTACHIO MOON (Pierce G.) 4001-CG (Icicles x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x (Admiral’s Blush x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) SEV, EEE, 32” high, 7.75 – 8” flower, 5 way branching, 30-35 buds.

This Icy lavender pink white beauty is a one of a kind here in the garden.  I breed both ways.  Darker and lighter.  Pictures have not been able to capture the essence of PISTACHIO MOON but I can tell you it is Sonya’s Favorite.  She is exactly as you see her.  BIG, Fat, Flat, ruffled, edged in white and chartreus with 85% of the flower being Chartreus green.  Fragrant, and always perfect!  Fertile both ways.