Pod King, Daylily

*Pod King

*POD KING (Pierce G) 1406-P (Buffalo Thunder x Midnight In Paris) EMre EV emo 36” 6.5” flower, 6 way branching, 45 buds, fragrant.
This lovely dark cherry red/purple daylily is basically a self with a ruffled white & gold edge.  POD KING is not spectacular in any one way, but it is that she has the whole package.  Again I bloom thousands in this velvety color and this one has it all, which again… is how it goes.  Especially as POD KING is a big edged flower that does not hang up.  Due to these traits I used her heavily last season and again this year, and to my delight I got some big green beauties with POD KING’S great traits.  I hope you’ll come see her kids in May 2016.  For the record POD KING is just that, and I hope she does a spectacular job for you too.  Extra pod Fertile.