Professor Eyes-n-Biter, Daylily

*Professor Eyes-n-Biter

*PROFESSOR EYES-N-BITER (Pierce G.)   1448  ((Spacewarp x Carol Todd) x Born To Be Wild) x Spinefeld Tet EV E 36”, 6”+  flower, 6 way branching, 45-50 buds.
The professor is remarkable beyond mere words.  When you have a blossom like this with exceptionally heavy substance, and an edge that feels like popcorn, a camera just will not do justice.  So…  This is a bold Full- Form, a delightful double edge with teeth.  I made thousands of seed with her this year, and have much stock which reflects the pricing.  I assure you, you will love the professor!   Easily fertile both ways.  *Like all my introductions I Guarantee you will be absolutely happy!!!   Enjoy…