Rambling Red, Daylily

*Rambling Red

*RAMBLING RED (Pierce G) 346-A (Crimson Cowboy x Watermelon Red) x Red Edition EMre EV 30” 6.5” flower, 4 way branching, 30 buds.
Finally I am beginning to get the green back in the throats of red daylilies.  Once Big Red Wagon was taken to the Floyd Cove Red lines, yes they got bigger and with gold edges, but they ALL had that darn orange throat.  Of all the daylily colors Reds especially need that green throat.  So the prize goes to RAMBLING RED.  True red color with big ruffled overlapped petals, a lovely watermelon red watermark, lots of sparkling gold in the petal edges and a big green throat.  And… RAMBLING RED is easily pod FERTILE both ways and a great parent!  You’re Welcome.  Enjoy.