Razzle Dazzle Candy
*Razzle Dazzle Candy

*RAZZLE DAZZLE CANDY  (Stamile, P. – Pierce, G.)  TET 7222-P  (Precious Candy x Blue Grass Music)  36”  EV EM re 5.5” flower 6-way branching 40 buds.  Next to the sensational scape and early blooming, ‘RAZZLE DAZZLE CANDY’ will dazzle you with her clear and clean coloration.  The rich violet purple eye above a cream white base is matched by a bubbly double picotee around the flowers petal edges with a final dash of silver.  This is one of my favorite ‘BLUE GRASS MUSIC’ kids, with its wide open face and scapes displaying the colorful blooms to perfection with a lovely green throat. Throws wonderful kids. Fertile both ways.