Red Eyed Rascal, Daylily

*Red Eyed Rascal

*RED EYED RASCAL (Pierce G.) 3325-B (Broadway Last Mohican x Tetra Waxen Splendor) TET, SEV/DOR, EMre, 18” high, 3.5” flower 7way branching, 35 buds.

Last but not least is little RED EYED RASCAL.  I bloomed about a hundred flowers from this cross, and as you would imagine they were all over the place with the best being RED EYED RASCAL.  The little Rascal has something that still grabs me today.  Bright and sturdy.  This Brilliantly colored glowing little red Tet, blooms on sturdy lower scapes for that tearing effect in your landscape.  I also like the heavy ribbed substance, and the eye that covers most of the bloom.  The Rascal is also nicely ruffled and has a picottee in red, something none of the others had.  PS. The little dude said he does not like to be called cute or adorable!  Just respect his Red rascallyness and he’ll bloom his little head off for you.  Fun…