Red Lobster, Daylily

*Red Lobster

*RED LOBSTER (Pierce G.) 269-A ((Watermelon Red x Watermelon Martini) x Unknown Red) TET, EV, EMre,  37” high, 6.5” flower, 6way branching, 45 buds.  Glowing Red.

This big wide petaled new red has a real fiery glow to her.  And one of the largest gold edges of any red I grow!  The nice green throat and softer watermark are nice but again it’s the wide and ruffled yellow/gold edging that really makes RED LOBSTER a winner.  Once again…  thousands of red seedlings and they all seem to look alike until you see one like #269.  I still remember when I first saw it glowing it’s head-off as a seedling from across the field.   Fertile both ways.  One of my best and last great reds for a while.  RED LOBSTER, ALL THE RAVE and ROYAL RHUMBA – Goodbye my friends, we look forward to the future.