Red Raptor, Daylily

*Red Raptor

*RED RAPTOR (Pierce G.)  2012-AB (Rolling Raven x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) Tet  EV EM Re 34”, UF Crispate/Spatulate, 9.5-10”+ flower, 4 way branching and 25 buds, Fragrant.

I find myself continually describing my daylilies as BIG, well…  Red Raptor placed next to one of our earlier Tet spiders and they looked puny.  I am finding that big is more than just length.  This UF daylily takes a bold stance in the garden!  Deep green throat is thick and stands out.  Twice the substance of a regular Tet. with lots of Diamond dusting.  Most importantly she is pod fertile!  Fertile both ways .