Richard William Haynes
*Richard Williams Haynes

*RICHARD WILLIAM HAYNES (Stamile,P.) TET 541-A [(sdlg. x Tetra Green Widow) x (sdlg. x Webster’s Pink Wonder) X Stick Figure]  42” ERe. Emo. Ev. 11 ½” x 1 ¼” x 7/8” (14” wingspan). Classic spider.  Spider ratio 5.5:1.  3-way branching.  15-20 buds. This is one great blooming daylily. It starts early in the season and keeps sending up scapes throughout the season. It will blooms 4 sets of scapes in Florida.

    Named for the renowned artist and fellow hybridizer Richard William Haynes, the daylily RICHARD WILLIAM HAYNES brings a new pallet of color to the spider class. This light soft pink daylily captures everyone’s heart. Moreover, the flowers curl and dance not with abandon but with great elegance and precision. It is something like a dance troupe where you sense great and seemingly chaotic movement and yet it is carefully contrived and choreographed, to reveal itself at the end of the movement.

    Another personal favorite. I know I already have DANCING CHEVRONS but can’t we have two? Fertile both ways but a very difficult pod parent.