Roaring Lions, Daylily

*Roaring Lions

*ROARING LIONS (Pierce G.)  220 (Chesapeake Bay x Sweet Cotton Candy) TET, EV, EMre, 37” high, 6.5” flower, 6 way branching, 40-45 buds.   Big Ruffled Edge   Extra Pod Fertile.

If you took a large German Pansy and crossed it to a wild African Lion the results just might look something like this…  Out in the field that’s what she reminds me of.  Or possibly Van Gogh’s Sunflowers; full and fringy.  And yes there are a few teeth.  You will love ROARING LIONS.  She is everything you want in a daylily.  Warm & friendly face, wide-open and heavily ruffled, (It’s important that your Lions be ruffled).  ROARING LIONS shows off her lovely face each morning in bright colors glowing in lilac/pink and a flashy center.  Just like the picture on every bloom.  This form and coloration gives the new author (You) the perfect jumping off point to almost anywhere…  Pinks / Purples/Edges / Skies the limit… Easy care and she will make Lion babies to your hearts content.  Easily Fertile both ways.  Have fun and don’t forget to roar yourself from time to time…