Royal Rhumba, Daylily
Royal Rhumba, Daylily
Royal Rhumba, Daylily Royal Rhumba Sdlg, Daylily
'Royal Rhumba' Sdlg.

*Royal Rhumba

*ROYAL RHUMBA (Pierce G.) 1126-B (Midnight In Paris x Red Bull) SEV, EE, 40” tall, 6.5” flower, 5 way branching, 30 buds,  Multi Rebloom  My Biggest Gold Edged Red.

What a tremendous parent for reds, and believe me not all good daylilies breed good seedlings.  Basically ROYAL RHUMBA taken to other good reds (Best if they already have an edge to advance) will give the petal edge the “Popcorn Effect”.   I am very, very taken with the big edge on ROYAL RHUMBA.  Look at the sdlg number - 1126 is a seedling from 2011 and I now have 11 “Clump” rows of it instead of the usual 4 needed for introduction.  My growing area is very limited so for me to take up so much extra space for setting pods, I must be thrilled the results.  Basically I was stingy and kept back this wonderful red for 2-3 years longer.  So, since I have so much stock I have reduced the price down to only $100.00   Lastly ROYAL RHUMBA is far better looking in person as it is difficult for me to capture the depth in the ruffling.  The fact is that the petals role back hiding its precious cargo – Gold Ruffles.  I got a lucky break in this cross, and have reattempted it many times to no avail.  Purples with edges but no reds.  Now it’s your turn to enjoy.  Have Fun…