Smiling Supreme, Daylily

*Smiling Supreme

*SMILING SUPREME (Pierce G.) 480-FI (Smiling Cobra x Future Green Seedling) SEV, EM, 36” high, 8” flower, 6-7 way branching that multi divides, 40 buds.

Wow!  I liked/like Smiling Cobra, and if I do my job correctly I should be able to do better.  Right?  What do you think?  I wanted to put the two flowers together in a picture, but Doing takes more time, and if you have seen our new farm at almost THREE TIMES the planting areas, well you get the picture.   One day in the far, far future, when cars fly….  Karen will find me laying face up in the fields.  My watch/pedometer for the day will say 18.4 (miles), I’ll have a wide, WRINKLY smile holding a Future version of SMILING SUPREME, just at 13” across and my heart will have given out due to the weight.   Another Green flower, big and flat with a colored border.  DIAMOND DUSTED like all get-up.  Check the above stats.  EXTREMELY Limited.