Sublime Splendor, Daylily

*Sublime Splendor

*SUBLIME SPLENDOR (Pierce G.)  3584-I ((Holy Guacamole x Fancy Lace) x New Day Sunshine) EV, EE, 33” high, 6.75-7” (flat) flower, 9 way branching + V top, 60+ buds.

I have loved and been breeding yellows and the like, since the mid 80’s They have come a long, LONG way.  So, I guess because I have so much of my Soul still in them, I can appreciate the advancements, and in all these decades when I see a winner – Hey, it is!  Forgive my humbleness.  SUBLIME SPLENDOR captures EVERY aspect of big improvements. This intense School Bus Chartreuse Diamond Dusted blossom literally grabs you back at 100’.  This could be as it sits on one of the grandest scapes possibly out there.  In the picture, you can see the multiples of branching, also the low arching foliage.  Without going on and on, and of literally tens of thousands of my best on best, here is one Fab Flower!  I will lower the price due to the ridiculous “Yellows” statements.  But Please get SUBLIME SPLENDOR for all the right reasons.  Look at the olive green in the middle.  Fertile both ways, and I have been using her as a Pod & Pollen parent for years.  You will not be disappointed.  EXTREMELY Limited