Sunset Riviera, Daylily

*Sunset Riviera

*SUNSET RIVIERA (Pierce G.) 3003-A (Facemaker x Tetra Exotic Pattern) TET, EV, EMre, 40” high 6.5” flower, 7way branching, 50-60 buds.    Colorful double edge pattern.

Wow!!  I’ll tell you how much I love this pattern.  Normally, due to space…  I never have enough room under the shade cloth for all the keepers (to make seed) so I keep a variety down to only 4 rows.  Four rows!  They are planted out as double fans and by the end of Summer are small clumps.  Then they are either introduced or get the boot.   Last year we had enough stock and lined-out nine (9) rows! To make seed, lots of seed!  That’s how much I love SUNSET RIVIERA!  And how well she grows.  When you look at SUNSET RIVIERA there is ACTION everywhere.  Now that’s a goings-on daylily!  Mightily diamond dusted and colorful; she looks perfect on every bloom.  Easily Fertile both ways