The Gift of Pizazz, Daylily

*The Gift of Pizazz

*THE GIFT OF PIZAZZ (Pierce G.) 3471 ((Rings of Wonder x Moving Pictures) x Tetra Colorful Etchings) TET, SEV, EMre, 40” high, 5.5” flower, every bloomer, 5way branching, 35-40 buds. Just like the photo.

I told a man I needed to borrow $1,000.00. He said “What do you have for collateral”?  I replied “Just this one - Pizazz”.  I got the loan!  Ok maybe I exaggerated a wee bit.  Bottom line, THE GIFT OF PIZAZZ is one neat daylily!  The pattern holds true all season, and the edge gets wider in the heat.   Sold to the first 50 or so folk who send in a check!  I’m keeping back at least 20 pots for seeds.   Fertile both ways and I’m one row short of what I need when I normally introduce things so it is very limited.