The Green Hammer, Daylily

*The Green Hammer

*THE GREEN HAMMER (Pierce G.)  4001-BP ((Applique Prism x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x Pirate’s Prism) DOR to SEV, EE, 28” high, 9.5 – 10” plus flower, 4-5 way branching, 25-30 buds.

Oh My, every person that made their way back to the seedling/futures fields, saw and said, “I want that one”.   I have only 3 rows of her so limited is an understatement.  Like Cool Composure THE GREEN HAMMER is not just big, it looks like it’s Swollen/Thick, Heavy.  It is THE Big Bad Boy Daylily.  The GREEN in THE GREEN HAMMER is multi generationally saturated.  It both looks and feels like it’s been Embossed.  This is NO exaggeration.  Every huge flower each better than the next.  Every Flower.  In addition, The HAMMER does not stop blooming.  From EEE to beyond September.  He is Fertile both ways and makes large seed pods with huge seed – Easily 50-70% larger than a regular Tet.  There is also a wild effect on the petals where the base color is a dark lavender and the deeper wide veining is a rose purple.  I have taken him to purples, and this season to Reds.  This variety will sell out.  I will keep back 6 pots for me to set seed on.  So -  VERY EXTREMELY Limited   Fertile both ways.