Thunder Glow, Daylily

*Thunder Glow

*THUNDER GLOW (Pierce G.) 2028-N (Cutting Loose x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) TET, SEV/Dormant, EMre, 37” high, 7” flower, 6way branching, 40-45 buds.   Very pod fertile   Striking green throat.

Similar to Fall’s Violet Horizons, THUNDER GLOW is darker in color with a velvet finish, larger, and the green in the throat is a darker GREEN!!!.  Wait until you see her.  One of my best pod parents.  Getting to such a dark color while being clean and rich isn’t easy.  She looks exactly like the picture, and your breeding possibilities are endless.  Double the substance and like nothing else out there, You’ll love growing THUNDER GLOW.  Very Pod Fertile and being SEV should grow well across the country.  My darkest Green Prism/Full Form to date.  Next I would like to take a dark “Seashells” Applique to her… Enjoy!  Fertile both ways.