Ultimate Blush, Daylily

*Ultimate Blush

*ULTIMATE BLUSH (Pierce G.)  360-C (Great White Dove x Polar Dusk) TET, EV, EMre, 30” high, 6.5” flower, 8 way branching, 45-50 buds .  Blooms like a dream.

This is the perfect name for this breathtaking flower; ULTIMATE BLUSH!  Probably one of my best full form Introductions.   Exactly like the photo on every bloom.  You will Love, absolutely love this flower.  She has everything; and to me that wide opened face is a rarity.  Never a bad bloom.  ULTIMATE BLUSH is MY go to pollen parent when I want to impart form – Great Form!!!  Never hanging-up and the color is dreamy with the purest white veining and diamond dusting.  She reminds me of those newer auto paint jobs where there is a light base coat and 1% of the color is the pigment in the clear coat.  This was another long cross.  I got mostly pinks and lavenders.  This was the only white blushed pink bloom that also had the biggest gold edge.  The clarity takes my breath away!  This year we took my Swan Song to her to drop in some green… have hundreds of germinated seed, I can’t wait.  This is what I would call a perfect daylily.  If you like what you see, you yourself will be happy indeed.  I have never introduced a $300 before so… absolutely yes, it’s that good!   Easily Fertile both ways.