Venetian Pools, Daylily

*Venetian Pools

*VENETIAN POOLS (Pierce G) 338-A Rings of Wonder x (Get Jiggy x Supernatural)  EEre EV emo 30” 6.5” flower, 5 way branching, 35-40 buds.
As my patterns are evolving I am becoming much more scrupulous in selecting them.  VENETIAN POOLS will thrill ANYONE who enjoys a pattered daylilies.  Just like the picture, every bloom on VENETIAN POOLS is true and she is proving to be a wonderful parent.  VENETIAN POOLS does not have a trait I am seeing a lot, which I call Canoeing, where the petal edges curl up.  VENETIAN POOLS blooms flat and she is again extremely Pod happy.  With 6 sets of Chevron markings, great plant habit, and a green throat, I am happy to share this wonderful patterned daylily with you.  Enjoy!  Easily Fertile both ways.