Verdant Glow, Daylily
Taken in Shade

Verdant Glow, Daylily
Taken in Sun

*Verdant Glow

*VERDANT GLOW (Pierce G)  2269-A (Violet Becomes You x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy)  EMre SEV/DOR emo 28”, 6.5” flower, 4 way branching, 25 buds, fragrant.
Big green throat, ruffled green edge and mainly green sepals…  These new Full Forms with loads of green are the most exciting new daylilies I have ever done.  The intense Tetraploid Green says HELLO! in a way I’ve never seen before.  VERDANT GLOW is one of the best examples of this new look into the endless possibilities of our modern daylily.  In VERDANT GLOW you get a daylily that is nearly flawless in green and purple, or purple and green.  Twice the substance of a regular Tetraploid.  Easily fertile both ways and a hybridizers dream.  Should grow well anywhere in the country.