Verdant Sweet, Daylily Verdant Sweet, Daylily
Verdant Sweet Extra Happy (Poly)

*Verdant Sweet

*VERDANT SWEET (Pierce G) 250-A (Great White Dove x Tetra Tuscawilla Snowdrift)  EEre EV emo 32” 7.5” flower, 4 way branching, 30 buds, fragrant.
Massive for a near white VERDANT SWEET is a full sib to SOLAR SWEET.  A near white self with green throat and LOTS of ruffling... These flowers are not being introduced as a super white flower but for size and impact.  I was only going to introduce one of them but honestly not only my choice but visitor’s I asked were equally split, as each variety has her own traits and appeal.  So instead of one for $200.00 you can have both for the $200.  VERDANT SWEET has probably more of a green cast – NOT yellow as the picture shows, and SOLAR SWEET is more Pod Fertile with a Greener throat.  Neither variety shrinks down after the first couple of blooms but remains LARGE until her last blossom!  Fertile both ways.