White Rhino, Daylily

*White Rhino

*WHITE RHINO (Pierce G.) 3424 (Seedling x Seedling) SEV, EM, 30” high, 6 – 6.25” flower, 6 way plus end splits, 60+ buds, .75” long tentacles.

This daylily is a one of a kind freak.  In fact, when I look at several of the blooms they look as though they have put their finger in a light socket - ZzzzzYow.  WHITE RHINO is the only light-colored Tentacle hem that is always *In Tentacle.  I have bought many, and they never or rarely do their thing.  THE RHINO will right off the bat, be large and flat opened with Golden spikes.  As we all know it’s the heat, at night and day that make them grow.  My point is you will not be disappointed.  THE RHINO has wonderful LOW blue green foliage, is very SEV. and has a THICK Tree like scape.  You can put all (Your) best on him.  And again send me your images…  There is a whole story behind the seedling crosses but it takes too much room.  Enjoy!!!  Fertile both way, even in full sun.  EXTREMELY LIMITED.  The description is a creamy white with a 1% rose blush from center outward. Some ribbing, Deep Green center, and long sparkly lemon/gold tentacles.  FAR, Far beyond anything else!