Alpine Ruffles
*Alpine Ruffles

*ALPINE RUFFLES (Stamile,P.) TET 319-D [(Victorian Lace x Michael Miller) X Spectral Elegance] 26” EMRe. emo. SEv. 5.5” x 3.5” x 2.5”. 7-way branching (4 laterals + terminal “w”). 45 buds.
    Every once in awhile a plan goes right. In an attempt to make whites as fancy as the pastels and yellows I crossed the pastel SPECTRAL ELEGANCE to my best white seedling from VICTORIAN LACE and MICHAEL MILLER hoping that the ruffles of SPECTRAL ELEGANCE would transmit without transmitting its color. In most cases the plan was a failure in that both the ruffles (ruffles are a dominant trait) and the color transmitted. I did, however, get the beautiful pastel LACY BORDER this way. But only in two instances did I get the white I was looking for – WHITE MOUNTAIN and ALPINE RUFFLES.
    ALPINE RUFFLES is clearly the most ruffled white that I have ever done. It is completely finished with one of the most pristine formed flowers with wide overlapping petals and wide blunt sepals. Moreover, the flowers are flat and elaborately ruffled with numerous “owl ears” and some “angel wings”. The color is almost a pure white with just a hint of pink which fades by the end of the day leaving a paper white daylily.
     The plant habit is exquisite with blue green arching foliage and excellent plant balance of scape to foliage with even the lowest branches exhibiting blooms just above the leaves. Wide laterals carry the blooms away from the scape and carry up to 45 flowers on elaborately branched scapes. A must for anyone doing whites or needing a color clarifier that will clear out the mud without damaging the form or plant habit. Fabulous. Fertile both ways.