*ALTERNATE UNIVERSE (Stamile,P) TET 1186-C (Double Image X {[(Victoria’s Secret x Lightning Strike) x (Anasazi x Tetra Virginia Franklin Miller)] x Tetra Resonator}) 28” EMRe. vfr. emo. Ev. 6”. 6-way branching. 35-40 buds. 99% double. 20% polytepal.
     In a sense all polytepal doubles exist in an alternate universe to the world occupied by most daylilies. Daylilies like this and LITTLE WILDFLOWER are so unique they should have a classification all to themselves.
     Here the doubling is all hose in hose type. It is both the consistency of the doubling and the well formed flowers that are remarkable.
     A wonderful show flower with intriguing possibilities for the hybridizer. Fertile both ways.