Early Bloom
Late Bloom

*BARCODE (Stamile,P.) TET 5186-D (Tholian Web x Bit Of Blue) 33” Ere. emo. Ev. 5” x 2 .5” x 1.5”. 3-way branching. 18-23 buds.
    Of all the daylilies that I have seen this daylily undergoes the most dramatic changes in the course of a bloom season. All patterned daylilies show some variability depending on soil type, temperature and bloom cycle but this daylily undergoes a complete metamorphosis as if going from a chrysalis to a butterfly.
    The early blooms on first scapes show a pale yellow flower with alternating bands of maroon and lavender in the eye from which the daylily gets its name. As BARCODE continues to bloom and especially on rebloom all maroon coloration disappears and blue, lavender and purple colors begin to appear. The base color undergoes the usual transformation from pale yellow to cream so it is really the eye that undergoes the dramatic change.
    I don’t know which flower you think is Jekyll and which you think is Hyde and honestly I don’t know whether Jekyll or Hyde will appear for you. In my garden both are there and it is a truly fascinating daylily. I show both images so if you get one while hoping for the other you will understand it is the nature of this daylily. Different. Fertile both ways.