Butterfly Cove
*Butterfly Cove

*BUTTERFLY COVE (Stamile,P.) TET 5182-A (Precious Candy x Tetra Ben Lee) 25” EMRe. emo. nofr. Ev. 5.25” x 2.25́x 1.75”. 4-way branching (2 laterals + terminal “y”).
    BUTTERFLY COVE brings a new pallet of colors into the patterns. We now have red, pink and charcoal joining the more traditional lavender and charcoal in the eye.
    In fact this daylily has the most charcoal of any of my daylilies to date. The narrow petals allow the pattern to be seen on the sepals as well. All patterned daylilies have sepal patterns but usually the petals are too wide for them to be observed. It is nice to see it in this flower.
    Edging on this daylily is both red and silver. The eye pattern breaks ethereally like tricolors into many wide bands of color. Very different and unusual. Fertile both ways.